Frequently Asked Questions

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Are online lessons as good as the physical classroom lessons?

The answer to this question is 42. (just kidding)

There is honestly a difference learning a lesson being physically present in the classroom VS taking the class from home via live-stream. 

Around 20% of students insist on attending an actual physical class because they feel they learn better. A significant portion of students feel that there is no difference between taking a class online or in person.

What is Mr Toh's opinion on this? Well he feels that, of course there is a difference between taking a classroom lesson vs an online one but technology has slowly been eliminating the differences. For example, in the past it would be hard to get students who are attending classes online to be engaged in classroom discussions - but you will find that we are able to do so with the technology we are employing. 

PLUS - the benefits of not having to travel down to the tuition centre for classes and having a flexible schedule AND the fact that we are pricing online lessons at a slight discount compared to classroom lessons MAKES online lesson a strong value proposition indeed

What happens when there are 5 lessons in a month?

For Economics at Tuitiongenius students who are subscribed to classroom live lessons, payment is pro-rated based on the number of lessons in a month. For example if you are paying $380 a month, that means your per lesson rate is $95. When there are 5 lessons a month you will pay ($380/4)*5 = $475.
For students who are subscribed to the Basic & Standard Plan - you will pay $200 or $300 respectively per month, regardless of whether there are 4 or 5 lessons per month (that's a hidden perk of attending lessons digitally).

For students who are subscribed to the Epic Plan - you will pay $400 per month but will be entitled to only 4 live classroom lessons per month. Upon registration, we will ask if you would like to be charged separately for extra classroom live lessons so that you are entitled to attend all lessons in person (if you wish to)

Can I try a classroom lesson first before opting to switch to online lessons?

Of course. We would love you to try that. You can register for a trial lesson with Economics at Tuitiongenius, see how you like the lesson, and see if you are more of a classroom kind of guy or you will love the convenience of online lessons more.
Either way - we are cool with you switching between either modes. Just let us know.


Are all classes taught by Mr Toh?

Yes of course! All bite-sized video lessons are taught by Mr Toh, all notes are produced by Mr Toh, everything you see and everything you get. (Heck! Even this website was created by Mr Toh)
Mr Toh employs teaching assistants & teaching interns to assist in the administrative elements, grading of online assignments as well as answering of questions on our collaborative platforms but all classes are indeed taught by Mr Toh himself!

What happens when I miss a lesson?

If you miss a live-stream lesson, register for another live-stream lesson.

If you've missed all live-stream lessons for the week - there's still the recorded archived lessons that you can watch (but we advise for you to at least catch the live-stream every week - watching the lessons without participating in them are no fun!)

All bite-sized video lessons are on demand - you can watch them anytime and you have access to them throughout the time you are subscribed to our plans.

How do I select my 'class timing'?

The whole point of bringing tuition online is that you get CRAZY convenience - what does that mean? This means that you don't need to be restricted by a locked down timing weekly. 

All the classes we have every week are classes you can live-stream online!

Take a look here at our schedule - most of the timings there are timings you can attend a live-stream lesson, just remember to register for the session before the session itself or you will be locked out of the session.

Also, bite-sized video lessons explaining key concepts are all available on demand, watch them whenever, wherever you like :)

I'm a tech dinosaur. I'm no good with technology.

Well. We don't expect you to be. (No, the honest truth is, we expect you to be more cutting-edge than us. After all you guys are young and we are old!)
There will be an orientation session of 30 minutes for new students who join us, and our Administration team will be there to guide you on your account creation and the basics. There will also be videos to guide you on how the various moving parts work in our system.
If you face any problem, you can also ask. We will help. By the end of your whole course, maybe you might become both an ECONS & a TECH expert.

Can I terminate the service at anytime?

Our minimum subscription period is one month, so you can terminate at any point after one month.

However, do note that we have a no-refund policy, thus we will not refund any unused days of your paid subscription month.

You can login here to terminate your subscription.

Have any questions? Drop us your contact details and we will assist you further!