Economics Anywhere offers a hybrid lesson structure where content & skills are delivered on a weekly basis through "modules".
Learn concepts through bite-sized video lessons, attend 'live-stream' lessons set in a classroom setting, use assessments to gauge your understanding.
All lessons are created and curated by Mr Eugene Toh.


Macroeconomics & Microeconomics Content Lessons

We will cover all concepts required in the 9757 H2 & 8823 H1 curriculum.

The "magic" that happens here is where we take complex concepts, distill them and make them easy to understand.

All content teaching will be done in a comprehensive manner where we help you see the 'theory' but also how to apply to real-life and in exam questions.

Training for Essay Writing Skills & Case Study Application & Analysis

Through a progressive and structured approach, we will train you to start writing well planned essays with a good eye for identifying question requirements. Your skills in writing a good introduction, clear and coherent paragraphs with sound points will be honed over time.
Data analysis skills, learning to read case studies, knowing exactly how to write a concise answer with the theory & data to support your ideas will be a key focus of our programme.

Real World Application, Critical Evaluation & Exam Skills

Economics can be fun. If only you understood what we know about how the theoretical frameworks actually applies to current affairs unfolding right in front of our eyes.
In fact learning how economics can be applied to the real world is key to understanding how to write a crazy strong evaluative comment in an exam question.
We promise to make Economics a 'live' subject and a useful one + help you score well at exams of course!

Access 'Livestreams' of actual classes from your device

Our technology provides you with a fully immersive tuition experience where you can 'raise hands', ask questions (via a chatbox), engage in group discussions with other classmates attending the class! It will be like actually attending the class in person - but at your convenience


Bite-sized video lessons for learning concepts on the go

Learn a complex concepts - in 5 minutes or less

Complex economics concepts are broken down to easily digestible bite-sized videos. Imagine learning about monetary policy in 5 minutes! Plus, gain access to our full library of resources like premium notes, readings, slides & past recorded lessons (in case you missed any!)

'Real-Time' Collaboration with Tuition Classmates

We have a special online collaborative workspace. Here, students can ask questions and classmates are free to jump in to help if they can. Students also have a resource dump pool where they can share resources they find useful. Mr Toh also uses the workspace to share readings & 'special' resources like cheatsheets to help students study better.

Assessments, Quizes, Consultations & ALL the help you need

Through assessments, quizzes and tests, your performance is tracked, and if we think you need help, we will recommend extra help.
Consultations with Mr Toh is also available online through video-conferencing.

The same high quality economics tuition programme

Except it's now available ONLINE.

Economics at Tuitiongenius was founded by Mr Eugene Toh and it's the top Economics tuition programme in Singapore. Fun, engaging, and a strong curriculum with strategic emphasis on both skills & content at the right part of the year.
All of that - you can now enjoy the programme online.