How it works



Step 1: Orientation & Platform Onboarding

After you register, our student liaison officer will be in touch with you within 24 hours.
You will be required to attend an online orientation module and an orientation package will be issued to you. A 20 minutes video-conferencing session will be scheduled for you so that you can ask us any questions relating to your subscription.
We will also activate your access to our learning management system, online collaborative workspaces and help you get all the necessary apps installed.
As part of the orientation package, you will be invited to attend a free live classroom lesson.


Our Student Orientation Officer
is contactable at 91290685 or

Our Student Liaison Officer is contactable at 81216488 or


Step 2:
Learn at your own pace & convenience


Weekly lesson modules will be released on a Monday.

Modules for each week will comprise of

  1. Suggested Readings

  2. Bite-sized video lessons explaining key concepts

  3. Assessments

  4. Premium Notes

  5. Slides

  6. Recorded Classroom Video Lessons


This is the beauty of it all.
Be in a classroom, without being locked down by 'physical constraints' of having to travel down to the tuition centre, or 'time constraints' of having specific time-slots locked down each week.
Choose to attend any time-slot for our 'live-stream' lesson of your choice.

Step 3:
Attend ANY of the scheduled 'live-stream' lessons of your choice